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Tree Services

Tree surgery is a challenging and at times a dangerous industry.  We at Frontline Tree Services aim to provide a complete tree service with minimum risk using a highly skilled workforce and a complete array of well maintained and tested equipment and machinery.  We also do a very good job of tidying up, a smaller but very important part of the job.

Our teams always aim for maximum customer satisfaction.  Our skilled workforce are fully qualified with the National Profieciency Test Council ( NPTC) and are SAFE accredited with many years experience.  We hold Public Liability Insurance of up to €6.5 million.

Services provided by our teams include:
Tree Felling & Removal

Removal of leaning, dead or dangerous trees. All timber and brash will be chipped and removed; leaving the site clean and tidy.

Hedge Trimming / Cutting

We provide hedge cutting services for small to large garden hedges.

On-site Timber Shredding

Shredding of all branches either on site or removed off site.

Pruning / Dead Wooding

The removal of dead wood from the tree crown. Thinning out the branches allows more light creating a healthier tree.

Stump Grinding 

Stump grinding is the removal of the tree stump, right down the roots to remove all existence of the tree.

Site Clearance

Removal of all timber and hedges from your site leaving the area clear for development or to enjoy the open space.

Crown Lifting

The removal of lower limbs to a specified height above ground level, this helps provide clearance to footpaths, roads, driveways etc. High crown lifting, in some instances, can help with sunlight issues.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the height/crown spread of a tree can facilitate further light into a particularly shaded area, allowing the sunlight to come in over the tree. 


A pruning system in which the upper branches of a tree are removed to encourage new growth at the top.

Crown Thinning

This practice reduces the density of a tree, allowing sunlight to penetrate through the crown and subsequently assisting with shading issues.

Other services provided by our team include:

* Wood Chipping
* Storm Damage
* Emergency Call Out
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